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One of the main highlights of the friendship day is people tying friendship bands or friendship bracelets on the wrists of their friends. But what makes these friendship day bands so important. .

A friendship band is a band/bracelet given by one friend to another as a sign of their friendship. These bands are mostly handmade with embroidery floss, thread and these bands are a kind of macrame. The friend band can be found in a number of patterns and styles but a majority of these bands are based on a simple half hitch knot.

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The friendship bracelets are not usually made of gold, silver or any other similar costly things rather they are made up of ribbons of different colors Friendship bands are not made of gold or silver rather it is made of ribbons of friendship colors. Moreover it is not about the material of the friendship day band rather it is about the feeling with which the band is tied. These friendship bracelets signify the feelings of affection, care, and Love. The relationship of Friendship is based on feelings, trust, and love and these friendship bands express strong bonds between the friends. You can purchase friendship day bands online or from different retail shops

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The different colors of friendship bracelets represent different character traits of the person the band is being gifted to. There when you are selecting a band for your friend, you must keep in mind the personality of the person. We will help you to choose the best color combination in a band to gift our friend. Check the Happy Friendship Day Greeting Messages and from Below you can check Friendship Day Band Color Meaning below –

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Friendship Band Color Meaning
Pink- kind or sweet, Red- honest, Orange- energetic
Yellow- happy or cheerful, Green- lucky or earthy
Blue- loyal, Black- strong or smart

I am the 1st Frnd of u to tie
Happy Friendship Day

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Love is like two people holding
a rubber band, we pull, then when one person...

If ur friendship be money,
I'll be richest man.
If ur friendship be pounds, I'll...

Friendship is always a sweet responsibility,
never an opportunity.

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The use of such bands can be traced back to ancient times, the Roman and Greek soldiers used to wear bands that were made up of leather straps with embellished gold and silver on it.

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