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One of the common culture all over the world on this auspicious day is to tie Friendship Band or friendship bracelet on the wrist of your buddies. This practice of tying Friendship Bands has been going on for years but why only the bands and what make these Friendship Day Bands so important?

A friendship band is a way similar to the Raksha Bandhan Band which is tied by a friend as a sign of their true friendship. The band is the sign of life long friendship and to do anything for the friend. The trend of handmade Friendship Band almost faded away but the meaning and purpose is still as bright as it was in the ancient time. Markets are full of number of styles and patterns to give your frined's wrist an ultimate thread.


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The Friendship Bracelets are not usually made of gold, silver or any other similar costly things rather they are made up of ribbons of different colors. Friendship bands are not only the materialistic things, they are emotions, respect, trust and a deep relation between two human beings. Even a simple thread is sufficient if the friendship is true else even a diamond band would be worthless. The Frindship Day Bands signify the one's trust, affection and care towards other and towards the relation. Friendship Day is much more than gossiping, insulting each other and enjoying. These are the part of it but the true meaning is to always be with each other in all the evens and odds.

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Friendship Day Bands

Friendship Day Band Meaning:

The different colors of friendship bracelets represent different character traits of the person the band is being gifted to. There when you are selecting a band for your friend, you must keep in mind the personality of the person. We will help you choose the best color combination in a band to gift your friend. Check the Happy Friendship Day Greeting Messages and from Below you can check Friendship Day Band Color Meaning –

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Friendship Band Color Meaning
Pink- kind or sweet, Red- honest, Orange- energetic
Yellow- happy or cheerful, Green- lucky or earthy
Blue- loyal, Black- strong or smart

I am the 1st Frnd of u to tie
Happy Friendship Day

Friendship Band
Friendship Band meaning

Love is like two people holding
a rubber band, we pull, then when one person...

If ur friendship be money,
I'll be richest man.
If ur friendship be pounds, I'll...

Friendship is always a sweet responsibility,
never an opportunity.

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The use of such bands can be traced back to ancient times, the Roman and Greek soldiers used to wear bands that were made up of leather straps with embellished gold and silver on it. Though the style and trend of the bands totally changed but the reason and meaning of tying the band is still the same.

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download friendship day bands images

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friendship day bands images
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