Happy Friendship Day 2020 Date, History & Celebration

Friendship Day 2020 Date: Friendship Day is a day specifically dedicated to celebrate the bond called 'Friendship'. Friendship - one of the sweetest bond, formed due to the mutual relationship of trust, affection, cooperation, and support between two or more person. This year the Friendship Day 2020 Date is 5th of August. Actually, the date is not fixed, this day of true friendship is celebrated on the very first Sunday of August each year and this year it will be celebrated on August 6.

When Is Friendship Day 2020?

A good and true friend is hard to find and if found one, it must be considered as the God's blessing. The renowned British novelist, poet has correctly put the value of friendship in this quote - "Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art. It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival." So true are these words, no life is worth without friendship.

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We all need friends, no matter what we are going through or where we are in life, friendship is the most vital ingredient to live life to its fullest. We need someone special to share our happiness, our sadness and problems with and in such situations our buddies come to our rescue. A true friend is one on whom we can trust blindly.

When everything seems to be going against us, it is our friends who fill us with courage and gives us confidence to keep fighting. It is truly rightly said that walking with a friend in dark is way better when compared to walking in the light alone.

Friendship Day 2020 Date in India

The friendship day will be celebrated in India on the same date as it will be celebrated in other parts of the world. That is the Happy Friendship Day 2020 Date in India is also August 5th for the year 2020. Well it is interesting to note that the bond of friendship is celebrated in different occasions in different times of the year and with different customs. For example

  • National Friendship Day - First Sunday in August.
  • Women's Friendship Day - Third Sunday in August
  • International Friendship Month - February
  • Old Friends, New Friends Week - Third week of May

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Here are list of current and upcoming Friendship Day dates:

Year Date of Friendship Day Best Friends Day
2016 August 7 June 8
2017 August 6 June 8
2020 August 5 June 8
2019 August 4 June 8
2020 August 3 June 8
2021 August 2 June 8
2022 August 1 June 8
2023 August 7 June 8
2024 August 6 June 8
2025 August 4 June 8
2026 August 3 June 8

Friendship Day Celebration Date

With a true friend we can share secrets, with them we have a level of comfort, they keep us away from boredom and loneliness, they are our partner in crime, a shoulder to cry upon when we are sad, more importantly with them we share unlimited adventure, laughter and fun!

Happy Friendship Day Date 2020, 2020
Friendship Day In India
Happy Friendship Day 2020 Date Cute image
Happy Friendship Day Date 2020
Happy Friendship Day 2020
Happy Friendship Day 2020
Happy Friendship Day Date 5th August
Happy Friendship Day Date

Friendship Day 10 Amazing Fun Facts

To make your Friendship Day 2020 a little bit funny we have for you all a little known fun facts about the Friendship Day. Here they go:-

Friendship Day 2020 Facts

Friendship Day History

Friends are the one who know all your secrets that no one else knows. So don’t mess up with them, and not even by mistake you forget the Friendship Day otherwise you will be fucked up.

Though there is no need for a day for celebrating friendship as every day is friendship day for friends. The bond doesn’t demands for a day and you all are aware of this fact. Still there’s a day dedicated for this ultimate relation and bond.

Friendship Day 2020 Date
When Is Friendship Day Date 2020

Actually there is no clear description of when did the celebration started and where? But there are many stories related to this. The most believed and seems true is that the day had its root in the year 1935 when the US congress decided to dedicate a day in the honour of friends. It’s not known till now what need came to give a day to these useless peoples, who are of no use (just kidding). With the effects of First World War still showing the quarrels, hatred and mistrust between the countries framing the perfect circumstances for proximate battle (which actually happened) there was urgent need of friendship and camaraderie between the nations and also among the individuals to bring out peace and avert the disputes.

Hence the US congress decided to dedicate the first Sunday of the August month as Friendship Day. So, with a formal announcement in 1935, declared the occasion of Friendship Day an official holiday in honour of friends and friendship. Though the occasion doesn’t took the pace in the starting days but with time the idea gain the popularity not only in the US rather all over the world.

Friendship Day Celebration in India

Friendship Day in India has still not got that prominence which it has in the western countries. The Friendship Day 2020 is just here on the verge of happening but still there’s no wind of it in the market where as in the countries like US there’s much chatter about it and not in present, it’s been since a week prior. The ultimate Happy Friendship Day 2020 is falling this year on August 5th and the besties would be rewarded with the gifts and parties for being there in all the thicks and thins of life.

Happy Friendship Day 2020 Date In India
Friendship Day In India

Friendship Day Celebration in India also gained the popularity soon after its commencement. Unlike other days it gained much popularity in a short span and the youth was the key role in this. The celebration includes the sharing of gifts, cards and the FRIENDSHIP BANDS. The bands are the most used and most trusted gift all over the world. Several programs are organized, grand parties are set up among the friend circles. What a precious day and moment it is to be with the true friends.
Happy Friendship Day to all my GAGA Friends!!!

Friendship Day 2020 Celebration In Different Countries

Though the dates for Friendship Day are different among the different countries but the only motto of the day is to fully enjoy with the friends Different countries have their own tradition or ways we say of celebrating this auspicious Friendship Day.

Friendship Day In USA

Friendship Day in US is celebrated on the very first Sunday of August same as in India. And as the name of the day tells, the aim of the day is to meet all the friends, old and new.

Friendship Day In Argentina

Friendship Day in Argentina is commended on 20th of July every year. As the day is not an Argentine public holiday so the mates gather at evening and rest you know what is done.

Friendship Day In Brazil

Brazil too celebrate this true bond and relation on July 20th with chilling with the best buddies and having the grand parties on the eve of this day.

Friendship Day In Finland and Estonia

In Finland & Estonia there is no as such a complete dedicated Friendship Day as in the other countries. They honor this true and real bond on the Valentine’s Day.

Friendship Day In Paraguay

The day of July 30 is considered as Friendship Day in Paraguay and celebration are a generic sight in the pubs, discos and bars. Invisible Friend (Amigo Invisible) is considered a tradition here and played on this special eve.

Friendship Day In Peru

Till 2009 Peru celebrated Friendship Day along with the Valentine’s Day. And after this Peru celebrates "El dia del Amigo" i.e., Friend’s Day. The day was proposed by Pilsen Callao and differentiated it from Valentine’s Day.

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